NASSCO PACP Version Changes

NASSCO PACP Version Changes

ITpipes provides PACP versions1 inside ITpipes at no additional cost to clients with an active SL/SS agreement. If our software is certified in a format, such as PACP or SPICAP, any client can receive that template.

With version changes however, the template can not simply be changed in an existing project or inspection data set, the legacy data must be modified to fit “inside” the new template. If the legacy data isn’t modified to meet the new template standard, the client will run into errors on the old data, as ITpipes is now using the new template and standard requirements.

While the PACP template is at no cost, converting data from one version to another is available as a service2. In order to provide a cost, we need the sample database to be converted, required timeline for conversion if there is a timeline, and we can estimate number of hours and provide a quote for conversion cost to the client.

ITpipes does provide a tool clients can DIY to convert "DIY" data, please see this KBA.

1ITpipes is certified in PACP 4.2, 6.0 and 7.0. 7.0 still has changes being made by NASSCO and we recommend only changing to 7.0 if there is a requirement to do so that can not be averted. FYI: ITpipes Web does import PACP v7 data, ITpipes Mobile is NASSCO certified to import PACP v6 and v7.

2This is applicable also for a contractor that collects data in one version, but has to deliver the data in a different version. It is up to the contractor to call and request the desired format prior to performing the work and if the contractor selects the wrong version template, that is a user error not a software bug. 

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