ITpipes Sync and ITpipes HOST User Manual

ITpipes Sync and ITpipes HOST User Manual

ITpipes Sync automates the data management for inspections. This application is designed to schedule and automate the transfer of data from one ITpipes project/database to another ITpipes project/database.  Examples of this would include:

  • From a field data collection system (CCTV truck) to an office Master database.  

  • From an interim QA/QC “temp” project/database to a centralized project/database. 

  • From an ITpipes centralized database into an AMS. 

  • Optional with additional setup:

    • From a 3rd party application software into ITpipes*

    • From ITpipes into a 3rd party application software

*Note please that to transfer information into multiple databases, for example a single project/database syncing into more than one project/database, is currently not supported.

In addition, Sync can perform custom tasks at 4 points during the sync process.  For example, before Sync executes to transfer data, Sync could scan a folder and see if a database exists in the folder or verify that updates have been run on the system.  Another example would be after Sync executes, Sync could purge data from the system i.e. old files that are already confirmed to be on the server.

FYI, this application does significantly more than copy/paste data to a server, this actually merges databases, organizes files, and allows automated data organization! 

Below  is the link the the ITpipes Sync and ITpipes HOST User Manual PDF

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