ITpipes PC Hardware & CCTV Camera Requirements

ITpipes PC Hardware & CCTV Camera Requirements

ITpipes Hardware Compatibility

Current PC/computer hardware and CCTV camera hardware requirements are available on this link, by selecting Compatibility and PC requirements.

If computer hardware does not meet specifications, ITpipes can not install software.  Keep in mind when hardware requirements are not met, the software may seem fine. However, if the pc crashes and the software doesn’t get notification of the crash, because the pc is “restarting/stalled/crashed, etc”, the software can’t notify the user.  So, we definitely do not recommend installing ITpipes on a pc that doesn’t meet specs.

Clients can "DIY" and attempt an install, however, if the pc doesn't meet specs, it is likely going to cause challenges.  This may cause you to lose a video at some point.  This will be expensive compared to the option of having a pc that meets requirements. Troubleshooting a situation like this, if it happens, is next to impossible as the PC doesn't meet required specifications.

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