Legacy Data Migration - what to send to ITpipes?

Legacy Data Migration - what to send to ITpipes?

Prior to starting an implementation, that includes legacy data migration, the legacy data needs provided to ITpipes and a form needs completed.

The data sent to us for migration should include the following:

  1. A single database that houses all assets and inspections to be converted; if additional data is sent after the initial submittal there may be additional costs.
    1. If the data is in a compliance standard such as SPICAP, NASSCO MACP, PACP, LACP, SCREAM or similar, please export the data into the exchange database format.
  2. If media conversion is part of the quote, all media such as video and picture files that are referenced in the database to be converted. Note: if there is extra media that does not match the database, this media will not be converted; ideally sending only the media that matches the database will streamline the process of transferring data to ITpipes.
  3. If an excel sheet listing all assets is available, that may be valuable to compare in case multiple inspections exist for a single asset and those assets will need combined.
How to get data to ITpipes.
  1. This KBA provides information on how to get data to ITpipes.

Form - This form will need completed! To complete the form you will need an overview of the data being sent and how it will be sent. The form can be saved at any time and can be returned to at a later point, if needed, to complete the form. The form will only take 5-15 minutes to complete. If you are unable to use the form due to not having access to Google tools through the company's email domain provider or through a personal email address, please email your salesperson to chat about data submittal form.

Note: Once the data has been received, we will need to confirm and have approval from a client representative on the ITpipes template that is going to be used.  The ITpipes template, once approved, can not be modified until the legacy data migration is complete. If the template is changed during the data migration, the migration will need to start over from scratch with the new template. Once the data arrives at ITpipes, if the template was not approved within the last 60 days, we will reach out to the client representative obtain this or review our last version to have this approved. 

Note 2: Often inspections are created after legacy data is sent to ITpipes for migration. In that situation, an interim data set may need sent to ITpipes after the upgrade is complete. If that is the case, please be sure to note the date you originally send data to ITpipes. Then next time data is sent please only includes “new” data collected since the original send date, this will save you and us time. See here for more details.

Any questions, please feel free to email us at techsupport@itpipes.com. We look forward to checking out your inspections!  

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