Data Migration Review Recommendations

Data Migration Review Recommendations

No one knows your data like you. This article provides recommendations on data QA/QC checks for reviewing data converted into ITpipes.

ITpipes SmartTabs will be invaluable for doing QA/QC on data and we recommend attending ITpipes Web Usage training for information on how to build SmartTabs. Clients with an active SSA can sign up for training here.

When doing QA/QC of migrated data, we recommend checking the following. This will require extensive use of SmartTabs with filtering, grouping, and sorting.

  • Confirm the total number of assets and inspections match what is expected based on previous knowledge of what was sent to ITpipes for conversion.

  • Check for duplicate assets - these can be manually merged after the data is approved, however, if there are many ITpipes can do this faster behind the scenes. To check this we recommend using grouping by PSR.

  • Check for Invalid  inspections i.e. that have no observations. To check this, create a SmartTab with filter Inspections that have codes that are empty.

  • Confirm mapped length and inspection length values transferred correctly by reviewing a sampling.

We recommend parsing out a percentage of inspections that the reviewer is extremely familiar with and reviewing those in detail, including: 

  • Asset fields - confirm the data is in the correct data field, for example pipe material contains the input concrete and not 8”

  • Inspection fields - confirm the data is in the correct data field, for example Operator contains the correct entry. 

  • Observation fields -  confirm the data is in the correct data field, for example the observation code OCR is in the observation code field and not in the description field and the description field is populated with the lengthier observation description

  • Confirm snapshots associated with an inspection are correct for that asset inspection.

  • Confirm videos associated with an inspection are correct for that asset inspection.

Please keep in mind that this migration was moving the existing data into ITpipes. ITpipes does offer data scrubbing and cleaning services that take this even further and compare your inspections to GIS, fix invalid data that doesn't meet compliance standards, improves inconsistent data, merges asset or inspection records en masse, splits records, reviews and cleans up redundant data or media, and more.

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