CCTV Unit PC and/or Replacement PC for Nuc or Industrial Rack Mount PC

CCTV Unit PC and/or Replacement PC for Nuc or Industrial Rack Mount PC

The majority of CCTV units use a pc that is either a laptop or full-size rack mount, industrial cased pc.  

Nuc Computers

Recently, ITpipes and our partners have had much success using Intel Nuc pcs inside CCTV Units.
  1. We recommend that you google "Intel Nuc pc" and confirm the pc meets ITpipes Mobile Specs or here is an Amazon link to the Nuc ITpipes purchases. There are several units listed on this page, but we recommend purchasing minimum the 32GB DDR4 RAM, w/512 GB SSD, and prefer the 64GB DDR4 RAM, 512 GB SSD.
  2. ITpipes recommends purchasing the Amazon warranty with this.
  3. ITpipes recommends purchasing two identical units.  This provides a primary unit used day to day and a secondary unit. By having the units identical, one can be easily swapped out with the other.
For install, we recommend using the space where the previous industrial cased pc was located.  By adding in a 19" "shelf" the Nuc can sit on the shelf and industrial velcro used to place the unit on the shelf. This keeps cables consistent with the industrial cased unit. The Nuc is so small and tight inside, we haven't seen damage yet  from vibration, etc. Cables do come loose, so having easy access in this location is great when cables need tightened or accessed.

We recommend these Nuc systems due to the huge time savings and minimal effort to install especially when compared to the industrial cased pcs, ease of swap-out, and cost. 
Here is a list of all parts ITpipes purchases if providing a Nuc to a client, keep in mind, all these parts can be purchased direct and you can do "DIY" support/service on your pc! 

NUC PartsVendorHyperlink
ASURION Protection PlanAmazon
Samsung 1TB SSDAmazon
Male to Female USB CableAmazon
Gearmo USB Serial AdapterAmazon
Totu USBC HubAmazon
Avermedia EZMakerAmazon
HDMI 10ft CableAmazon
Microsoft Bluetooth KeyboardAmazon
*Note this Amazon "Smile" Account donates a percentage of proceeds to Trout Unlimited, Oregon Chapter. You do not need to use this and can use separate links or purchase from other vendors.

Rack Mount Computers

  1. Motherboard: ASUS Prime Z370-A II DDR4 DP HDMI DVI M.2 USB 3.1 Z370 II ATX 

     * Drivers for US Digital PCI-4E linear distance cards are not available for 64 bit.

     ** 4U chassis dimensions 16.93 wide x 17.52 deep x 6.93 tall inches for a standard 19in rack.

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